30th Apr2012

Girl Geek Camp 2012

After the great success of the Girl Geek Camp last summer, we are now happy to announce the 2012 Girl Geek Camp that will take place from...

04th Aug2011

Registration for Second Girl Geek Camp is Open!

Are you ready for the next Girl Geek Camp?! Register today! What Is It? Take Back the Tech are organizing a second geek camp for 20 girls...

15th Jul2011

Participants Make Stop Motion Videos

The final multimedia training at the Camp was on stop motion videos. After the geekettes had taken beginner and advanced workshops in photography and video editing, they...

10th Jul2011

Geekettes Building Their Blogs

We’re almost half-way through the camp and the geekettes are working hard at building their blogs. Check some of them out here: Corinne’s Blog Karine’s Blog Noor...

09th Jul2011

Photos from First 2 Days of the Camp!

Day 2 has come to an end at the Girl Geek Camp in Kfardebian! Make sure you’re checking the #geekcamp hashtag on twitter for live updates from...

07th Jul2011

[Infographics] Girls & Their Internet

Here are some interesting stats from the Girl Geek Camp applicants. Out of the 43 girls who applied, 42 have Facebook accounts and 42 have MSN accounts,...

06th Jul2011

Next Girl Geek Camp in September!

If you couldn’t make the July Girl Geek Camp, don’t worry. We will be organizing the second Girl Geek Camp in September! The dates are Friday, September...

03rd Jul2011

The Program, the Trainers, and the Girl Geeks!

With under a week to go, we’ve (almost!) finalized the program, the trainers, and the list of participants! The Girl Geek Camp will be starting this Friday,...